Our Story

Chili Pepper Is Our Specialty

Bio Happy Farms and pimenterie du Congo specialize in farming and supplying organic chili pepper in Africa, the United States, Europe and Asia. La pimenterie du Congo also produces the piment Pili Congo for local everyday consumption in Kinshasa, the Democratic Republic of Congo. Stay tuned for additional produce.

Generational Impact

When we set out, our mission was to help local families have access to fresh produce that is affordable and organic. 

During the development phases, we realized that our impact could reach the world and leave a mark that would last for generations.

  • Organic
  • Fresh
  • Affordable
  • Local
The Natural Process

Our process to grow food organically is to prepare the soil, then let mother earth and mother nature combine their power to produce the most savory and delicious food.

  • Absolutely! We are process-driven and enjoy working with countries around the world. 
  • We understand the need for pure organically produced food and serving the world is our pleasure.  
  • We intentionally chose our farms to be within close proximity to the major city to deliver the freshest produce.
  • Speed of delivery to market is a crucial part for retailers to remain successful. Being able to deliver quickly is part of our mission.
  • Yes, we do have a home delivery service available with a minimum order amount.
  • We have a weekly delivery schedule driven by community. Please contact us to find out when we’ll be in your community.
  • We do not use any chemicals to engineer fast growth.
  • We only use natural fertilizers to give our crops a chance to grow naturally.