From our organic farms
to your dinner table

We provide fresh and healthy foods for your children and families  

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What we do

Bio Happy Farms produces healthy foods

Bio Happy Farms is a wholesale and retail supplier of fresh chili pepper and other foods. Our vision it to supply organic fresh chili pepper in Africa, America, Europe and Asia. 

  • Nutritious
  • Fresh quality
  • Made for your dinner tables
Chili farm in Africa

Wholesale organic Chili Peppers from Congo

  • Harvested organic chilies 
  • Fresh chilies are placed in 50 kg – 80 kg bags
  • Dried chilies are placed in 50 kg bags 
  • Ready to ship in containers to destination country
Pili Congo Chili Peppers

Pimenterie Pili Congo

Chili peppers also known as pilli-pilli or piment in French is an indispensable spice on every dinner table all around the world. Bio Happy Farms produces over 50 tons of Cayenne Chili pepper per month in Kinshasa, the Democratic Republic of Congo. 

Our farms are
environmentally friendly

We leverage best practices to ensure no negative impact on the environment. Most of what we use makes us friends of planet earth.  We are an organic farm and use no chemicals to grow our fruits. 

Committed to safety

From start to finish our processes are closely monitored by quality representatives that ensure strict guidelines are followed from soil to market. The regulatory bodies of the Democratic Republic of Congo checks in periodically on the quality of our produce to ensure it is safe for the consumers. 

  • Always Fresh
    Our soils are fed organic nutrients before, during and after the growing process
  • The Chozen
    Our lands are carefully analyzed and chosen to produce the best crops
  • Pili Congo
    Chili Peppers
    Chili pepper is our flagship product and specialty. We produce, transform and provide quality chili peppers ready to consume.

Families Trust Us
For Healthy Dinners

We follow strict guidelines processes to maintain excellent quality and fresh produce 

  • Soil Analysis
  • Proper Irrigation
  • Crop Analysis