How we Deliver our Chili Peppers to Communities

One of the major problem many farmers face is the lack of a concise delivery system that is optimized and convenient to their buyers. The Pimenterie of Congo by Bio Happy Farms has a streamlined system that brings the pili congo chili peppers to the neighborhoods for easy access.

We also deliver pili congo chili peppers in local retail stores so fans of our chili peppers can grab theirs directly from the aisles of supermarkets closest to them.

Bringing the pili congo chili peppers into neighborhoods allows quick access to families who need our spicy organic foods.

Jean-Luc Tshishimbi, CEO

Can I get pili congo chili peppers delivered to my home?

Email us at hello@biohappyfarms or text +1(909) 279-5487 to schedule your delivery of pili congo chili peppers to your location.

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